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Payroll management is one of the lengthy and strenuous tasks performed by the HR department. Efficient HR Software in saudi-arabia and #1 Payroll Software in saudi-arabia | Payroll System | Payroll Services by Bilytica can streamline all payroll-related operations such as payroll, commissions, bonuses, and incentives, and tracks them to support all regulatory compliance with a country. A Human Per Performance Management Software in saudi-arabia that does not support a payroll system is like a body without blood flowing through it. It also helps with the billing process for resigned employees and helps to generate multiple payrolls.

Maintaining payroll manually really sucks. You can spend hours and a lot of money and still doing risky mistakes. Cloud Payroll Software in saudi-arabia can spare business the expense and hassle. Payroll software and integrations have numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at ones that stand out the most:

Reduce mistakes and say goodbye to payroll headaches

Doing payroll manually is an obstacle of potential mistakes. Technology is improving day by day. Payroll software manages every task related to payroll. This software performs complete tasks much faster than we ever could. This helps us scale as a business and become better as a team. The same goes for you as a business owner. Going from a manual payroll process to an automated one is a great example. Payroll software drastically reduces the chance for human error. Software can schedule payments and the sending out of forms. It can also automatically look for tax updates and make adjustments to any tax calculations for you. And more!

Create an audit trail & centralize key information

Paper-based audit trails can be fraught with errors. Once the task of running a manual payroll is complete, papers often get shuffled into a desk drawer or filing cabinet. It’s pretty hard to identify where a mistake has been made in this way. Payroll Software in saudi-arabia makes it easy to see changes made and who made them. Also, if you’re a small business with an accountant or bookkeeper, changes no longer have to be communicated via email. All changes happen in one place and make easier for you.

Now, using cloud-based payroll software, he can check payroll himself, and read reports presented in layman’s terms. He can also give others access to the payroll system. This means no more email tag and allowing him to scale his time through delegation.

Customize #1 Payroll Software in saudi-arabia | Payroll System | Payroll Services based on your needs

Payroll is complicated. There are many factors to consider to accurately running it, including Taxes, deductions for benefits, form preparation, time tracking, overtime, commissions, bonuses, raises, and payments. Leave Management Software in saudi-arabia is built with customization in mind and removing this headache. It takes all these complex calculations and does them for you, based on what you need. It requires only basic data entry to start with. You can utilize the available bells and whistles to keep you from tearing your hair out trying to manually figure out payroll minutiae.

Automation can make a huge difference to your business

Adopting modern payroll software will save you plenty of time and money that would otherwise be lost in a manual environment. Payroll is necessary and it doesn’t need to be a pain.

The more time you spend on manual payroll process then the chances for making mistakes will increases. It’s difficult to calculate overtime, calculate how many working hours your employee work. In such cases, human errors chances increases. It will waste your time and money by purchasing papers and manage them manually. In the modern age, everyone is using automated software to save their time and money. Let’s take a look at the numerous ways using Payroll Software in saudi-arabia will benefit your company.

Ease Administrative Costs

One of the first things you will notice with this modern update is the financial burden lifted from administrative costs associated with processing payroll. Whenever an employee clocks in, their time automatically updates in the system.

Better Accuracy with Time Clocks

Employees will record the hours they work during a shift at the end of their workday. Some may even wait until the final day of a pay period. But this is not good because this requires recording time from memory. With the use of this software, employees are paid for actual time since the system records the time they arrive and the time they leave. Attendance Software in saudi-arabia saves your time clock uses personal identification features such as a fingerprint to positively identify who is entering time into the system.

Employees Can Clock in from Different Locations

Many companies operate at more than one location. To keep track of employees’ time with manual processes, they will need to set up a system at each location. To highlight the benefit of using this software, you can have one system that merges employees’ time from mobile jobs and multiple locations. Time collected while employee’s works in the field are captured and available for payroll administrators.

Automatically Calculate Paid Time Categories

When you implement an electronic system, Leave Management Software in saudi-arabia will have an accurate way of tracking paid time for hours worked and paid time not worked. Whether it is sick leave, vacation days or holidays, you can set the parameters and codes to ensure your employees’ time is complete. For generations, time clocks have been used in workplaces of all sizes and industries. They are useful in helping employers keep track of how much their payroll costs.


Payroll software helps you to create pay groups to categorize your employees and to map payroll policies according to country. You can outline the various elements (earnings & deductions) and labeled them against country based pay groups. Start, confirm and finalize the payroll process with just few clicks. You can create salary files for direct deposit, cheque or bank credits. Digital Signature Tool, which support


For perfect pay and tax calculation of employees’ payroll process gathers all basic employee data from HR system/ Self-service module. To ensure overtime payment and absence deduction payroll software has perfect integration with leave, time and attendance module.

Import features

You can easily import leave and overtime data into payroll software from third part system to ensure accurate payroll processing.

Loan Master

Loan master feature of payroll software enables you to monitor company’s loan policies, schedules, EMI and per month deduction details.

Benefits master

Benefits master allows you to keep record of insurance, medical and other benefits provided by company to employees. Recorded data helps HR to make deductions during pay process.

Tax Computations

Payroll software offers tax computation feature to maintain and use country based tax slabs, tax declarations, investments and exemptions for payroll processing purposes. Form16 (Part-B) and Form12BA can be generated.

Letter viewer

Letter viewer feature enables employees to get easy access to all organization letters, pay slips, tax declarations, offer, promotion and other letters. You can create pay slips in PDF format and can publish them on employee self-service portal.

All statutory payroll

Rapid access to all statutory payroll reports such as ESI, Form 16, and Form 20.

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